Chasing the Light Photography

Landscape photographers who have influenced my work The web site of Galen Rowell, the biggest influence on my photography since reading his book 'Mountainlight' in a mountain shop in North Wales one wet and windy day. After Galen, Colin's work is the one I follow most closely. Colin's vision of the natural world is an inspiration to all those who love mountains and wild places. A large format photographer who's mantra 'Develop an infallible technique, then put yourself at the mercy of inspiration' lives with me. He is never happier than being outdoors exploring 'The theatre of light' David Ward, another large format photographer. Also a fine writer who's book 'The landscape within' is very thought provoking. A fine stock photographer who's despatches and photo essays always bring a smile to my face. One of the all time greats. Visiting his exhibition 'Ansel Adams at 100'  in San Francisco was an added bonus of my trip to America.

Three fine American landscape photographers working out of the American west.

People photographers Ami is a photojournalist/documentary photographer that I have recently been introduced to. I find her work very exciting and look forward to following her progress.  Best known for 'Afghan Girl' Steve's work has influenced all my people photographs.

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